Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Campaign Update: All Positive in Heanor and Alfreton

Our local campaign team gave away hundreds of copies of the BNP paper ‘Voice of Freedom’ (VOF) in Heanor and Alfreton yesterday. The response was overwhelmingly positive and gave yet another indicator that people are ready to grasp the REAL change the BNP offer with both hands.

The centre spread of the latest edition of VOF is a poster urging politicians to “BRING OUR BOYS HOME” a feeling that many local people shared. A local lady in Heanor said “I really hope you get elected and bring our boys home. I don’t want to see one more coffin go through Wooton Bassett”.

Others discussed with us improvements that should be made to the town and were keen to have their say on the consultation about the Local Development Framework that’s going to replace the Local Plan. Needless to say the BNP are keen to work with people to get the improvements Amber Valley needs.

LABOUR'S former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott who was rumoured to be stopping off in Heanor was seen fleetingly passing through the town in his Ford Transit minibus. After getting a bad reception in Ripley he put his foot on the gas to get through Heanor as fast as he could.

Don’t Blink, you’ll miss him!

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