Friday, 21 May 2010

British National Party website up and running

Dear Fellow Patriot,

At the height of the General Election campaign, at a time when millions of leaflets were hitting doorsteps around the country, our website was destroyed by a treacherous former employee.

This unforgiveable act of treason contributed to the loss of dozens of election deposits around the country.

For several weeks a group of loyal Party officials and volunteers have been working hard getting the entire BNP internet operation up and running once again.

"It has been a hard slog but now things are moving once again. Instead of depending on one person to run the entire BNP cyberspace presence we now have a team of people working together, technicians, designers, writers and moderators," said BNP webmaster Paul Golding.

Please take the time to visit the new BNP website and register, this will allow you to place comments complete with avatar after each news article:

If you would like to know the reasons behind the website being down and the traitor involved, please go HERE

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