Saturday, 15 May 2010

Footballer told to apologise for voting BNP

Leicester City footballer, Wayne Brown, must be kicking himself for telling his mates he voted for the British National Party, because he now has to make a grovelling apology.

A couple of his fellow players took offence, in particular, Lloyd Dyer and Chris Powell. They both happen to be black of course, and as we all know, the lying media are telling the sheeple of Britain that the BNP wants to ‘rid the nation of non-whites’.

But if that were the case, why would Wayne Brown vote BNP? Why would he vote for a party that allegedly wants to rid Britain of his friends and team mates? Because he knows the truth; THEY DON’T.

Democracy is all about choices, making YOUR OWN choices, but unfortunately the communists that have spent the past 13 years ruining, sorry, ruling Great Britain don’t believe in democracy. In fact anyone who doesn’t tow the Marxist line is faced with hostility and usually ruination.

Personally I would tell them to take a running jump and stick to my guns, but if Wayne Brown did his career would be over.

A few of the great unwashed (UAF – the dope not soap crowd) would flock to the Leicester City ground, gathering up a few more on the way, and cause a scene. The screamers would shout their usual one-liners through a megaphone and before you know it, poor old Wayne (not so old really, he’s only 32) would be hanging up his boots.

He may be forced into giving an apology but I would bet a million pounds he will STILL vote BNP; he just won’t tell anyone next time.

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