Friday, 21 May 2010

Unite intent on destroying BA

British Airways has suffered pre tax losses of £531m.

Whilst we are in a recession, the price of fuel has increased and volcanic ash has meant many flights have been cancelled, unite the union are determined to make BA suffer even more.

The recent strikes, which is not supported by pilots, have cost BA £45m so far and with more strikes to come do the unions really think strike action is going to help?

In a letter sent to BA's largest investor, Blackrock and the other largest shareholders, including Invesco, Standard Life, Janus Capital, Legal & General, as well as merger partner, Iberia, the union leaders said their efforts to resolve the dispute "have been thwarted by a management that is... putting ego and machismo ahead of your interests as investors – and playing fast and loose with the airline's future".

The only ones with an ego are Simpson and Woodley and, as many of us know, using threats is second nature to them.

I have a few questions for the unite bosses Simpson and Woodley, who earn £122,000 a year to cause havoc...

1) What is wrong with having a wage freeze in times of trouble?

2) Why do think workers deserve to keep perks such as cheap flights while they are striking?

3) Why are you so intent on ruining businesses with your greed knowing it could, and does, cause a business to go under?

And why the hell don’t BA sack the lot of them?

There are plenty out there that would jump at the chance of a filling the greedy striker’s shoes.

We saw what happened with the pits at the hands of the unions didn’t we?

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