Wednesday, 1 July 2009


It’s official!

70% of new jobs are taken by foreigners.

According to today’s Guardian, when referring to a factory in Llanelli, Wales:

‘Agency workers are said to make up 30% of the factory workforce, and to be paid less than local permanent staff, employed on poorer terms with no guarantee of work, even though some of them are semi-permanent. Agency workers are on so called "zero hours contracts" which means they can be required to work from 5pm to 3am and, they allege, be made to stay on for overtime until 6am at the same basic minimum wage rate one day, but laid off without notice the next. Permanent workers have guaranteed work and are paid a premium for overtime.’

But this is just a drop in the ocean according to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s figures which were taken between March 1997 and March 2007. The OECD revealed that 70% of jobs created under the Labour Government have been taken by foreign-born workers. 1.5million of the 2million jobs created in the first ten years of Labour rule were taken by people born abroad; work permits to non-EU nationals have been handed out in record numbers ever since.

The OECD states that ‘around a third of the migrant workers arrived here on controversial intracompany transfers’. This system allows international companies to transfer their staff to the UK for ‘limited periods’. The truth is that staff can stay for up to three years, followed by a two-year extension, and finally an application for settlement. The offending companies do not have to advertise the posts in the UK first.

When Labour came into power in 1997, 42,800 permits were handed out; 2007 saw 129,700 approvals and in 2008, a further 151, 653 issued despite hundreds of thousands of British workers losing their jobs. Don't forget these are non-EU permits. There are currently nearly 4million migrant workers in the UK

There are now 2.26million people unemployed in the UK, compared with 2.03 in January 2009. Economists predict that number will rise to over 3million next spring. So WHY is the government encouraging even more foreigners to come here? We know we are not benefiting from mass immigration.

You only have to look around our hospitals to see that!


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