Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What Islam Fears... Laughter!

I wanted to take a break from depressing stories and decided to trawl through my YouTube account for something funny to share. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

In fact, this guy is so pathetic that inbetween bouts of uncontrollable laughter you may just end up feeling sorry for him lmao

The video focuses around muslim baadshah143 who says he can prove the after life and offer us a glimpse into the painful doom of the non believers.

He also states that a new study shows Darwin became a muslim later in life. He had influences from his grandfather who studied the works of Ibn Arabi (a muslim scientist) who first came up with the idea of evolution.

The Shajara Code Decoded - Darwin Died a Muslim

He is quoting from Bukhari, Volume 2, book 23

If you can watch this video without laughing I'll want to know why.

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