Monday, 27 July 2009

The British Patriot launches its online store

The British Patriot launches it's new online store this Friday. Here is their mission statement:

The Mission of The British Patriot is to become Our Country's leading supplier of Patriotic Products for the patriots of all nationalist parties and people within the United Kingdom.

The British Patriot Website was created to provide Party Activists with the tools and equipment to do their duty to their country
on the streets and to show their pride in Our Country by a visual display of support in badges, logos and motifs.

All products sold will be resourced within the United Kingdom, unless they are no longer manufactured in Our Country because
of the destruction of our home grown industries by the political parties that have betrayed the British People.

The British Patriot pledges to deliver the highest quality goods available
for the most competitive price possible
and within the shortest time possible.

Support the Resistance - Become a British Patriot

Click on the the British Patriot banner to take you directly to the store


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