Sunday, 19 July 2009

Total blackout as violence hits France

In the same way our government keep all reports of violence by enrichers out of our newspapers and off our tv's other countries in Europe have the same problem.

In France, on 13th-14th July, 500 vehicles were burned. Although that news reached the people, the French Interior Minister has ordered a blackout on crime statistics from 14th – 15th July. As reporters and journalists tried to get information from the firemen or police they were met by a brick wall., being told:

"We cannot say anything about the fires. We have received orders."

The reality is that enrichers, faces covered by scarves, set out to cause havoc. In Marseilles and Evry, fires raged, including a day-care centre which was partially burned along with the cypress trees bordering it. Fires were set in four corners of a neighbourhood as molotov cocktails set alight cars in one and dustbins in another. As marine helicopters were trying to put out the fires, police were ambushed and attacked with firecrackers, missiles and bullets.

We need to get the news out to people. They need to know exactly what is happening in their countries so they can do something about it.

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Thanks to Bertie for the heads-up


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