Sunday, 19 July 2009

The 10th Annual Red, White & Blue

Cowardly Anti-BNP scum leave their mark

Anti-BNP groups have started organising against this years Red White and Blue festival. They are holding regular meetings to consider how they are going to stop the festival from taking place and to arrange their protest plans.

The TUC's policy and campaigns officer in the East Midlands, Alan Weaver, said: “We'd like the people in the festival to know they are not welcome in Derbyshire and we reject their politics.”

I’m sorry Mr. Weaver, but who the hell are you to dictate who should or shouldn’t come into the county? What about those of us that live in Derbyshire? We are supposed to be living in a democratic country and we have every right to attend our party’s yearly festival.

Their ‘peaceful’ protest last year resulted in 33 arrests, all of which were anti-BNP. Not one spot of bother from the BNP festival goers. Even though the thugs threw rocks at police and tried blocking off the entrance road into the RWB site with tyres, NONE of those arrested were charged.

Why not? Because the ‘protesters’ are funded by the government and the unions. They are hardly going to charge their own bootboys with affray when they are only doing their job, are they?

The picture you see above is of site owner Alan Warner’s wall. It looks like the scum have already started their ‘protest’. Mr Warner has been subject to abuse since he first allowed the RWB to be held on his land. Hardly peaceful protesting is it? Apart from having his walls daubed with paint and locks glued together he has also received death threats.

Now onto the good stuff

The BNP festival is a weekend of family fun and a celebration of all things British. It will be taking place on the 14th, 15th & 16th August. This year will be extra special. Not only is it the festival’s 10th anniversary, but the party have recently gained 2 seat in the European Parliament. It’s going to be a biggy!

Hope to see you there.



Anonymous said...

They are the ones that cause all the trouble and problems for locals NOT the BNP lets hope they do same as last year and we get enough pics to prove who these scumbags are.

Red Squirrel said...

Well the red scum will not be putting me off from being there!
Well put Shaydee_Lady ! I will put this on Swindon Nationalists and link it back to you,
All the best,

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