Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mobile Phone Directory Outrage

The one thing that is sacred to mobile phones users is secrecy. We only give our numbers out to those we want to have it.

Not any longer!

In June, the UK data watchdog gave the green light for mobile phone companies to give YOUR phone number to the 118800 mobile phone directory. By next week your number could be available to anyone who searches for it.

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A firm called Connectivity bought lists of mobile phone numbers and addresses to set up its controversial service.

So, for a measly 15 pence – that is what it costs Connectivity to get your details - YOUR mobile phone number can be accessed by ANYONE.

The ICO, which is responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act and European Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, announced:

Connectivity discussed their proposed service with the ICO and we have provided advice on compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

We understand that the service is privacy friendly in that it will only connect people when the recipient agrees to take the call and even then it will do so without divulging their number. We made it absolutely clear to Connectivity that they should not use numbers where there was any doubt about whether the consumer was happy for their information to be used in this way.

Connectivity is aware that the law requires them to remove any numbers relating to consumers who request that their information is removed from the directory service. Opting out of the service should be made as easy as possible for anyone who does not want their details to be used for the directory service.

To remove your details from this directory go here:


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