Thursday, 30 July 2009

Woman arrested for confronting bullies

A woman was arrested and thrown into jail for confronting children who were bullying her daughter. The children alleged the woman threw one of them against a fence. She spent 5 hours in a police cell and charges were dropped after the bullies had been questioned.

I can fully understand this womans feelings. My friends child was bullied by someone five years her senior. She was eleven years old, came home day after day in floods of tears and even contemplated suicide.

My friend went into school numerous times only to be told that everything was fine. Everything was NOT fine and my friend took matters into her own hands.

My friend was confronted by the asian bully who towered above my friend, built like a brick shit-house with sideboards and moustache a man would be proud of. It resulted in a fight, my friend giving her the hiding of her life, and the bullying stopped.

Until the schools get their act together and combat this behaviour more people should stand up to the bullies, regardless of the consequences.

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