Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Hundreds of immigrants most of whom barely speak English and have no medical skills, are being recruited to man emergency swine flu lines. They will diagnose swine flu and enable patients to gain access to Tamiflu.

Job centres say they can’t supply the 1,500 needed because there aren’t enough people on their books that have telephone manning skills. So, Telepeformance, a call centre in Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicester, who usually deals with electricity accounts, has been recruiting immigrants at £5.80 and hour.

A source said:

"A lot of immigrants, hundreds of them, are applying who can hardly talk any English but because we’re desperate to find a lot of people in such a short amount of time we’re taking them on.

As long as they can provide proof of their date of birth, they can get through the recruitment process. When I speak to them on the phone they can barely understand what I’m saying and even those who can speak English are very difficult to understand.

It seems we’re just going to recruit as many as possible to reach the target of 1,500 before the end of this week.

They are literally recruiting people straight off the street. We usually deal with electricity accounts here, but we were told that the NHS required people to man phones during the swine flu crisis and were asked if we knew anyone who is interested.

It’s an absolute joke. It can be anyone. They are asked to come in for just one day’s training. But the people they are asking are desperate for work so, of course, they will take it."

What the hell is the Department of Health thinking? As usual all they can see is the numbers target and they are playing a very dangerous game.

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