Friday, 3 July 2009

Mosque Denied In Nottingham

Plans to build a mosque in West Bridgford may not go ahead if Rushcliffe Borough Council does not sell the land to the applicant.

Mohammed Malik, of Loughborough Road, won an appeal to build a mosque in Collington Way after the council refused planning permission in June last year.

But the land is owned by Rushcliffe Borough Council and Mr Malik now says the council 'won't even meet with us'.

He said: "I'm very upset, the past two years have been a complete waste of time and money.

"We will carry on and we're going to fight them.

"If they're not selling me the land, why did they suggest for me to go to the appeal?

"They are ignoring me, they don't want to sit with us, I've been trying for two weeks."

"Everybody in the Muslim community is upset."

A spokesperson from Rushcliffe Borough Council said they had not yet made a decision on whether to sell the land or not.

She said: "The council is disappointed to have lost the appeal after initially refusing the planning application.

"The application relates to land owned by the council and any request to buy the land will be considered by councillors in accordance with our asset management policies."

Residents have complained, about anticipated noise and traffic problems, with one elderly man saying he did not want a mosque to 'tower' over their bungalows.

Mr Malik said: "I understand what the residents are saying. I met them last time and I respect them"

This is the same Malik that was reported as saying muslims will take over the UK.

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