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EDL in Bolton Saturday 20thMarch 2010

Video by SaxonKing

The English Defence League are in Bolton, Lancashire tomorrow.

From the EDL website...

We now approach Saturday March 20th, and the protest in Bolton. This message is a few words about what to expect on the day.

First of all, well done to all who attended the London demonstration, it was a fantastic success. We had our say, and, even though we don't agree with the communists of the UAF/SWP, we do believe they have the right to free speech, despite them not believing in our right to free speech.

There were 50 arrests in London, 48 of which were the communists, our two arrests were both minor enough for the police to release them back into the protest without charge. Our goal for Bolton is for there to be ZERO arrests.

Bolton is a massive opportunity for EDL to show the world that we can peacefully protest, and the world is indeed watching.

This protest will have a much more defined structure than previous, and we believe you will all enjoy the protest immensley as well as having our say. We will not ever submit to the radicals. We will not tolerate their intolerance. We will stand firm and further the cause of the EDL.

Another important thing to note is that the UAF will, as usual, be trying their best to goad us to get a reaction out of us. They will be calling us 'scum' which is the very thing that two Luton citizens were arrested for, so we'll see if anyone shouting 'scum' at us get arrested!

Please do remember that this is a protest, and not a day trip beano, have a few drinks if you wish, but remember to stay sharp. A celebratory drink afterwards is of course fine. Always better to drink after the protest, not before.

See you all in Bolton.

No surrender!

More details of the protest can be found on the EDL website

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