Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Erewash BNP meeting a huge success

On Thursday I attend the Erewash BNP meeting with Councillor Lewis Allsebrook. I hadn’t been to an Erewash meeting before so I thought it would be interesting to see how their area operated.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The chosen venue, a function room at a public house, was adorned by the union flag and of course the stage was the same. The bar staff were very friendly and not at all fazed at being inundated by patriots. In fact they gave us a very warm welcome.

The Erewash BNP candidate for the forthcoming election, Mark Bailey, was introduced and he delivered his first speech on how our elderly are suffering and dying since the government privatised our utilities.

Mr Bailey was followed by another speaker whose name I will not reveal. The man has lived and worked in Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Bahrain over the past 28 years and seen the true face of Islam.

The well educated man gave a presentation on how Islam is affecting Britain today and what we have to look forward to as it gains a foothold.

He spoke of valleys being at war with other valleys and how knives, pistols and grenades are readily available in souks (markets); he spoke of the police being kitted out with Kalashnikovs and how Christians are killed and set fire to.

He also spoke of why he only saw men coming out of a mosque – women are more sinful than men; the men do the praying for the women – and he said their lack of mercy was the hardest to deal with.

In his own words:

They say their God is most merciful; it is in fact hard and unforgiving.

He ended his presentation with the UK citizenship figures (up 58% on the previous year) and a warning that we need to stop mass immigration and in turn the rise of Islam.

The night was a huge success and funds of £1,924 were raised towards the forthcoming election.

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