Thursday, 11 March 2010

Wootton Bassett: BNP Leader’s Sad Welcome to Loyal Members’ Son

Press Statement:
Wootton Bassett: BNP Leader’s Sad
Welcome to Loyal Members’ Son

British National Party Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook today called for the indictment and prosecution of Tony Blair and all politicians responsible for the war in Afghanistan after attending a repatriation ceremony in Wootton Bassett for Rifleman Jonathon Allot, the son of loyal BNP members from Bournemouth.

Mr Barnbrook was invited to attend the sad ceremony by 19-year-old Jonny’s grief-stricken parents, BNP members who are strongly opposed to the conflict in Afghanistan.

“The British public are outraged and disgusted with the toll this unjust conflict is taking on our young people’s lives,” Mr Barnbrook said after throwing roses on the hearse carrying the remains of the 3 Rifles member who was killed as he was clearing explosives in Helmand Province.

Jonny was the front man in a patrol responsible for clearing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from pathways used by his comrades and was killed while on patrol to find a new base. “How much longer must the public endure these unbearable hardships? “How many times must young people's lives be so cruelly ended for a war which has nothing to do with Britain and in which no British interests are served?

“The time has come for the public to demand that the people responsible for the sad events of today, and all the other days, be held accountable for their actions. “Our troops should not be in Afghanistan. As if this was not enough, they have been sent there deliberately underfunded and ill-equipped and are expected to operate under the harshest conditions with substandard supplies and armour.

“The whole nightmare is a disgrace and Mr Blair, Gordon Brown, Iain Duncan Smith and all of the politicians who sent our soldiers to Afghanistan must be put on trial for the crimes they have committed against our nation,” Mr Barnbrook said. The BNP is considering sending a fact-finding mission to Afghanistan to obtain a first-hand account of the situation.


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