Monday, 15 March 2010

EHRC consider legal action over stop and search of ethnics

The TRUE face of immigration

The EHRC are at it again. They are considering suing police forces for discriminating against blacks and Asians.

They say that stop and search powers are used disproportionately against ethnic minorities and in London alone almost 20% searched were black.

Hello! Wakey, wakey!

London is MAJORITY ethnic now, in fact London has the highest proportion of non-white British ethnics, with a constant inflow of new migrants from abroad, so that means us whites are discriminated against.

News for Trevor Phillips...

Most crimes ARE committed by ethnics especially in highly enriched areas.

And how is it I dare to say this? Take a look at the figures and also, in case you missed it, the video of Wimbledon and you'll see why.

Now for a few facts...
In 2007, 42% of London’s population were non-White.

A third of all Londoners were born outside the UK, compared with 12 per cent of the population of the UK.

The region had nearly 40 per cent of all foreign-born residents in the UK.

National Statistics Online

If these are figures from 2007 what will the statistics be now?

Full story HERE

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