Friday, 26 March 2010

Amber Valley Labour Group in turmoil

Last night’s full council meeting saw the full extent of the internal discord within the local Labour Group. 
None of the three Labour Councillors (Jo Ward – Langley Mill & Aldercar, Glynne Cato - Heanor East, Ian Fisher – Codnor & Waingroves) who have decided not to stand in the forthcoming elections were present at the beginning of the meeting when leader Paul ‘do nothing’ Jones praised their past efforts and wished them well in the future.
However, Jo Ward came into the meeting late and announced that she WILL be standing after all – AS AN INDEPNDENT.
Jones looked visibly shocked, obviously not aware of Wards intentions.
How embarrassing for Jones who had said of his former comrade...

“Jo Ward has been a strong advocate for Langley Mill & Aldercar as officers of the council will testify, and through her many years on the planning board had developed a very good knowledge of the subject and was also very knowledgeable in the area of Housing Benefit. She had also been Deputy Leader of the Labour Group.”
Obviously the fall out within the Labour group will get more interesting as Election Day gets closer. I can’t wait to see the leaflets they produce for Langley Mill & Aldercar!
I’m sure there will be more splits to follow...
Article by Michael Clarke

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