Monday, 1 March 2010

Taken from the EDL website...

On Friday March 5th 2010, Geert Wilders will show his film 'Fitna' in the House of Lords as part of an information gathering exercise on the Islamisation of this nation. Agree or disagree with Geert Wilders, the fact remains that he is a democratically elected member of a fine democracy and should be welcome on these or any other shores.

After threats of 10,000 muslims on the streets' by the so-called 'Lord' Achmed last time Geert came to show his video, the spineless Home Secretary summarily banned his entry into the UK. He has since been allowed in briefly, welcomed by crowds of radical Islamists calling for him to be butchered along with the entire population of jews.

Not one arrest was made with these inciteful to violence calls. Not one.

Come March 5th, Geert Wilders will be there.

The Radical Islamists will be there.

EDL will be there.

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