Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Jude Mallaber and the Democracy Club

The lovely Jude Mallaber
After sending an email to Judy Mallaber asking her to denounce the actions of the likes of the UAF I was directed to a site called Democracy Club.
I their own words:
Democracy Club is a non-party-political group of volunteers. At the next election, we want to hold candidates to account, and stimulate public engagement.
Firstly the YourNextMP section allows you to access a database of candidates standing at the next election. It states they are ‘asking volunteers to help track down all these candidates, and find out their contact details. We also want to find and link to factual and opinion pieces about them on the web'.
Hmmm, not sure about that one, especially as Mallaber is a big fan of the UAF, Hope Not Hate etc.
Secondly, the TheyWorkForYou site, lets you check what your MP has been voting on in Parliament and of course their expenses.
The final section, The Straight Choice, is for uploading leaflets you receive from political parties.
You can register and give your opinions on what you think needs attention in your area. Why not take a look.
By the way, I still haven’t received a response from Judas, sorry, I mean Jude. I’d better resend the email.

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