Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Matthewn Moore of the Telegraph and the BNP

Matthew Moore general reporter at the Telegraph

Isn't it funny how reporters drag up anything negative about the British National Party in the run-up to an election? I was going to write about the rodent above but the Green Arrow has done such a good job I have mirrored his article...

Matthew Moore describes himself in the prelude to his articles in The Daily Telegraph as being a journalist with a particular interest in the creativity, community and humour of the internet.  You and I would describe him as a vicious little rodent seeking to take a pop at the British National Party.  If you want a mental picture of the creature,  think dirty little "flasher" in a garbadine mac.

What the rodent Moore is doing, is to try and track down the models used in British National Party leaflets around the country and see if they do actually endorse the views of the BNP and writes "we would liked to speak to the people involved".  By "we" he means he would, no one else really gives a rats arse who the models are.  The reason for the BNP's use of models as already been explained numerous times.

Were the British National Party to display images of actual members, they are only too aware that those people would be hounded by The Establishment Press.  Moore as already started baying for the hunt for the models to begin.  Point made I think. 

There is of course the fact that real BNP members would be in danger of losing jobs, having their homes vandalised and possibly being attacked by the vicious thugs of the SWP/UAF.  Is that what Moore really wants?  I suspect it is.

If Moore wants to track down people, why does he not write an article asking for people to trace the vandals of the British National Party billboard above that was vandalised a few days ago in Aberdeen. Now in some countries defacing political billboards is a serious crime.  It should be.  Because when you remove the telephone number then you are removing the right for people who would see that billboard to discover the truth for themselves. 

No Moore, you are just a cheap turd looking for a cheap story to whip up some trouble and I see that from the comments to your Bounty article that the readers have seen through your cheap little game.

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