Friday, 5 March 2010

Immigration IS a burden on British resources

Thanks to what the Conservatives started and Labour adhered to, this video report PROVES without doubt that Enoch Powell was correct in his foresight about immigration. Turkey is set to join the EU soon and we will be forced to accept possibly 200,000 Turkish citizens of muslim origin into our country by EU ruling.

To prevent this from happening and to deport and expel those who do not belong in our country - VOTE BNP!

The BNP are the only political party with the BALLS to close our borders to immigration and asylum applicants, the only party with the BALLS to take our brave brothers in arms OUT of Afghanistan to guard OUR country from the threat of terrorism.

To preserve the British way of life, do the right thing...

Vote BNP for your sake, your children’s sake and your grand-children’s sake!


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