Friday, 26 March 2010

BNP's Mike Green to stand against Peter Hain in Neath, South Wales

Congratulations to former police officer Mr Michael Green who is standing as Parliamentary candidate for Neath, South Wales against Labour’s Peter Hain.
Regulars to my blog will remember my report on Peter Hain; the man who was acquitted of bank robbery despite being positively identified by five eyewitnesses including the bank teller who was robbed; the man who conveniently ‘forgot’ to mention £103,000 in campaign donations; the man who founded the anti-Nazi league, known today as the violent UAF.
Michael Green states:
“In my years of experience as a police officer I have developed a finely tuned nose for smelling out crooks by a mile. Whenever I go within 50 miles of Westminster, I can tell you, it smells like a barnyard.”
Well Mr Green, now is your chance to get rid of one of the Westminster crooks.
Good luck, Sir.

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