Thursday, 29 October 2009

Boycott Newspapers: Press Release.

Concerned British Citizens, in conjunction with Nationalist Groups and and other Truth Seeking people have launched a campaign earlier this week for a National Boycott of the British Press and Media.

The campaign is called "One Million to Boycott press/media lies" and contact details and further information can be found on their Facebook Group

"The British People at large will no longer remain silent in the face of the continued attacks by The Establishment Press in publishing outright lies, half truths and twisted reporting about patriotic nationalist organisations such as the British National Party, the English Defence League and the Welsh Defence League.

People joining the group pledge to boycott all National and Local newspapers for failing in their duty in reporting the "news" in a fair and unbiased fashion.

The group, although only launched a few short days ago, currently has in excess of 1,000 members who have agreed to no longer fund a biased press by not buying the their blatant propaganda sheets.

By depriving The Establishment Press of revenue, the Group intends to send a clear message to the Editors and owners of these organisations that they must either change their ways and return to reporting the news honestly or face considerable loss of income and possible closure as a result.

Already the pledged loss of income to to the Press Barons will be at least £163,200 as a result of just 1,000 members joining the group. Once the group reaches 10,000 the cost to the press will be close on £2 million and the group will continue to campaign and recruit until they have at least
1,000,000 members.

Should the press continue to ignore the Voice of the People calling for fair reporting, then the Group will open another front by targeting advertisers who publish in the Propaganda Press by peaceful protest outside their offices and outlets."

Press Release Ends. For more information go here

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