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Iraq sends back UK asylum flight

The following was forwarded to me from an ex-army friend of mine. Please read the comments after the initial report.

Iraq sends back UK asylum flight

Iraqi asylum seekers sent back to Baghdad by the UK government have been refused re-entry to their homeland, and flown back to Britain. The flight, carrying about 40 asylum seekers, landed in Baghdad on Thursday.

Human rights group Refugee and Migrant Justice said this was "unprecedented".
The Home Office said it was working with the Iraqi government to iron out issues that caused some to be returned.

The reason for their return, it said, was a matter for the Iraqi authorities.
It is understood that about 80 escorts were also aboard the government-chartered flight.

The asylum seekers are now at Brook House detention centre near Gatwick airport where they are being given legal advice, according to a Refugee and Migrant Justice spokeswoman.

She said: "One would have expected with such a high profile remove, the Home Office would have sorted this out with the Iraqi authorities.

"For such a high profile group to be returned is unprecedented."

She added that the reason for the Iraqi authorities turning away some of the group was unclear, but suggested it may have been that certain documents were not in order.

The government's plan to send the group back to Baghdad, where just this week at least eight were killed in attacks on a market in north-west Baghdad, met with criticism from human rights group.

There have been no returns to Iraq since 2008 and this would have been the first return to the capital city since the start of the Iraq war in 2003.

Political and sectarian violence has diminished in Iraq since 2005-07 levels, but lawlessness remains a problem, and there has been a recent spike in violent incidents.

Enforced route

Lin Homer, chief executive of the UK Border Agency, said: "We are establishing a new route to southern IraqBaghdad area. This is an important first step for us.

"We are working closely with the Iraq government to iron out the issues which lead to some of the returnees being sent back, and expect to carry out another flight in the future.

"Having an enforced route for returns is an important part of our overall approach; however the government prefers the majority of returnees to leave voluntarily."

She said more than 2,500 people have chosen to return to Iraq under the Assisted Voluntary Return Programme in the past three years and that was expected to continue.

The Home Office said it has no estimates of the current number of failed Iraqi asylum seekers in the UK, but about 1,000 had returned to northern Iraq last year, either through enforced deportation or voluntarily.

BBC News


"We are establishing a new route to southern Iraq and have successfully returned 10 Iraqis to the Baghdad area"

Wow! Really???? 10.....?????

Fuck me............ its totally worth the £3 Billion pound budget, £8 million pounds of which is for "Advertising" (WTF are they advertising????) and the £10.5 million pounds worth of expenses (which includes: £4.6 million on hotels, £3.2 million on train tickets, £730K on taxis, £300K on hospitality)

The chief inspector of the "border agency" takes £3 million of that budget for her office and her 25 staff members alone. Worth it? Oh, totally...........

And did anybody else notice there were twice as many "escorts" on the flight as there were asylum seekers???? I suppose they had to fill the empty seats somehow. I mean, you wouldn't expect them to simply send back three times a many asylum seekers for the same money, would you???? Where's the sense in that????

Anyone else thinking the whole Border Agency is just an expensive fart in a hurricane?

And remember folks............this is the same bunch of cunts we laughingly refer to as a government, who have just suspended ALL training of the TA to save money, and are about to get rid of the BFPO system cos it costs too much money, and closed all the military hospitals, for the same reason, which puts a wounded soldier just back from Afghanistan in the same ward at Selly Oak as a dozen immigrants who are indistinguishable from the twats who blew off his legs or blinded him.

The same bunch of tossers who put two Portacabins with second hand gym equipment outside Edinburgh General and call it a Regional Rehabilitation Centre for all the Scottish soldiers who have lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That puts wounded TA soldiers back into the NHS system, to queue up alongside every other fucker. And takes incapacitated soldiers from the Iraq war to the High Court to try and get their compensation reduced.

God, but I'm proud to be British...................... this country is SO worth fighting for.

Dave Allen

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