Saturday, 17 October 2009

islam v Wilders (Parliament) Remix

And the "moderates" then complain that we see them as a nuisance at best and the bloody anti-Christ at worst!?!

Islam is long overdue a reformation. We have had enough of this. Now the reasons me uploading this are easy.

To the Police and other 'Protectors' - PROTECT US - prevent crime from happening for once!

To the Polichickens - expel ALL Islamic appeasing MPs, Lords, even the poxy cleaners if needs be.

To the EDL - have a pro-democracy march, not an anti-islam - see the press put that in their pipe and smoke it.

To the Press - report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! You had he expenses details a lot longer than some bloggers. We know your hand in hand but when we have to turn to foreign stations, it doesn't instil calm.

To the 'moderate muslims' - where are you?

To the extremist-inbred-foolish-knobs, you want Islamic Law, sod off to Iran. And anyone asking me to understand them can go do one! I'm not interested in building bridges with savages.

And lastly to all Britons. Let's vote out the traitors who allowed this to happen. Let's leave the EU, the UN and even NATO if we have to . We have to look after ourselves first and foremost. Let us be a shining example to the world, not a shining beacon open to all and sundry.

I was happy enough to do another Roar remix but no, these degenerate-Islamic-knob-jockeys had to come along and spoil another weekend. Why I added the tracks and dubb'd it up.

Email the Police - help me tell them to pull their finger out.

Video by ZupaSC

This is taken from PressTV, an Iranian owned Station. Like these degenerates take the piss out of our tolerance, I'm taken the piss out of Iran's NO COPYRIGHT laws - it's sharia lol

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