Saturday, 31 October 2009

The government and union funded thugs

Hiding under hoodies and behind masks, flying their communist red flags, they descended on Leeds to cause trouble.

This is the face of the so called ‘anti’ fascist. Labour and the union’s breed of brainwashed thugs.

Students, taught under the fascist Labour government, to hate and protest against anything that goes against their traitorous ideals, foreigners imported into Britain to ensure rising support for a corrupt government, those who have no idea what they are protesting about but go for a good punch-up and not forgetting the drug addled, morons that don’t even know what day it is but feel a sense of ‘togetherness’ when with likeminded scumbags.

But who gets the blame? Not the government and union funded boot boys, that’s for sure.

It’s about time people woke up to what this government has done to this country and tried to do to her people.

A new breed are being nurtured for the future, A breed that no longer thinks for itself. A breed that knows nothing of competition, failure and success. A breed that leaves school barely being able to read, write or add up. An apologetic breed that has no sense of British history or culture. A breed that bends over and takes it up the arse instead of standing up and fighting to keep Britain British.

It’s time to make a stand against the REAL fascists, the government and radical muslim. In fact it’s time to make a stand against anyone that doesn’t share the love we have for our country.

And it’s time to rid this country of the scum who are the cause of it all.

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