Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Peter Hain - Bank Robber and conspiritor

Peter Hain

I find it hypocritical that a man who tries to stop the democratically elected BNP from going on Question Time has a few skeletons of his own. yet he still manages to hold office.

According to Hain, the BNP are an illegal party and as such should not be given a platform. He has threatened the BBC with legal action if they allow Nick Griffin (BNP) onto Thursday night’s show.

The BNP are a legal political party under current legislation. Once that legislation changes, sometime next year, then the BNP will be forced to change its constitution. Until then Hain’s empty threats will continue to cause embarrassment to an already crumbling government.

Kenyan born Peter Hain, Secretary of State for Wales, was found guilty of criminal conspiracy in 1972. In 1974 he was positively identified during a robbery; a charge he somehow managed to get away with.

In 1977 he formed the anti-Nazi league in conjunction with the far left Socialist Workers Party, who has groups at many universities. As today, they were funded by the trade unions and the government. Their aim was to stamp out anyone they believe to be fascist.

Although the ANL wound down in the 1980’s, they regrouped as the UAF – Unite Against Fascism – in 2004; a group intent on causing havoc wherever groups such as the BNP held meetings or rallies.

Hain is a man that is happy to share a platform with the IRA, the white-hater and murderer Mugabe and the terrorist Mandela, yet he will not entertain the BNP.

I believe the real reason Hain objects to the public hearing Mr Griffin speak on Thursday is because Mr Griffin will not be bullied and he is an articulate speaker. The BNP opposers are scared the public will agree with what the BNP has to say and has to offer.

And rightly so, Mr Hain.

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