Monday, 5 October 2009

Time to Fight Back Against News Shopper Lies!

The News Shopper rag that covers south-east London and north-west Kent is a particularly venomous anti-British leftwing propaganda outlet. For years they have spewed an endless stream of deception, lies and outright fabrications against the local BNP branches in that region.

Recently, the professional liars at the News Shopper excelled themselves in leftist gutter journalism by printing a Labour fabricated non-story claiming that the South East's only elected BNP councillor, BNP Projects Coordinator Paul Golding, has "done nothing" since elected, claiming that it this is the conclusion of the local 'residents'.

Who are these 'residents'? Two Labour supporters and two Lib-Lab-Con councillors terrified of losing their seats to the BNP! This is without a doubt a Labour/media hatchet job designed to arrest the overwhelming leakage of support from Labour to the BNP in Swanley, Kent. The Labour councillors in Swanley are known as the 'Invisible Councillors' and are deeply unpopular, losing one of their two seats in Sevenoaks to the BNP the first time we stood in the area. No wonder they are desperate!

The only way of forcing these lying newspapers to treat the BNP with the same impartiality with which they treat Lib-Lab-Con is to complain to their advertisers. Free circulation newspapers like the News Shopper are dependent on local companies placing adverts to survive financially. The whole media industry is in deep financial trouble, so pressure placed against the advertisers of newspapers is a very powerful way of fighting back against their monopoly on news and information.

Do you want to help the BNP fight back against media lies? If so, then we are calling on you and all our online supporters, numbered at over 40,000 at present, to complain to the advertisers of the lying gutter rag News Shopper. If enough people do this, then they will be cowed into dropping any future attempts to smear our Party. Remember, this method of fighting back worked wonders against the Manchester Evening News (the largest regional newspaper in the UK) during the Euro Election, and will almost certainly work against the News Shopper if enough people take only a few minutes to muck in and help.

Write a polite email or make a polite phone call to the companies below informing them that you will no longer be having any dealings with their company whilst they place adverts in the lying News Shopper gutter rag.

1. Wise Bedding - - 0208 303 2070
2. Camelot (double glazing) - - 0208 300 8666
3. Wellingtons Electrical - - 01322344100

To view the smear article in question please use the following link:

- SWANLEY: Residents say BNP councillor has 'done nothing' for the area (News Shopper 28/09/2009)


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