Thursday, 29 October 2009

Global Warming?

As usual I am in a hurry but I wanted to have a quick natter about the weather.

I remember as a child having snow anytime from November through to March. In fact in 1962/3 we had a freeze-up lasting three months, from December to March. It was the coldest winter on record.

A few years later I remember wading through blizzards with my mother. My father was in bed as he’d been on nights, so me and mum went out to collect the football pools money. I remember the cold harshness of the snow hitting my face, stinging my eyes and the hot aches on returning home and sitting too close to the open fire.

In 1976 we had 16 weeks of glorious sunshine. It was the hottest summer I have ever been through and the first time I had hay fever.

Also around the mid 1970’s we had hail in June. It was the size of golf balls and smashed many peoples property.

The next time I recall any snow was in the late 1980’s. It brought down telephone lines, we had no electricity and upon thawing, shops and homes were flooded.

We rarely have snow these days. Nothing to write home about anyway, but my brother in Denver, Colorado has reported six inches so far with a possible thirty six more to come. The last time this happened was in 1997.

Part of me feels jealous that the weather in America is how ours used to be; hot summers followed by freezing cold winters. On the other hand I am glad I don’t have to wrap up tight and walk around with a freezing chin and hands and feet I can no longer feel.

The reason I’m writing about this is in response to the controversial subject of ‘Global Warming’. If you look back over the years there is a pattern to our weather. It goes in cycles.

Is there really such a thing as Global Warming?

I think not.

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