Friday, 9 October 2009

Details of the English Defence League Protest in Manchester on the 10th October 2009 at 17:00

We have been in talks with the Manchester Police Force today (01/10/2009), and our protest to oppose Radical Islam, and Sharia Law has been approved.

We need to be in Manchester as early as possible, and make our way towards Piccadilly Gardens where, at around 13:00, our friends from the UAF will be holding a counter demonstration against our demonstration which would not have even taken place by then? Oh well!

The Conduct on the day.

Everybody now knows (apart from the UAF and their affiliates) that we are a NON racist Organisation, who oppose Radical Islam, and Sharia Law. Not Muslims, but Radical Muslims. Like i said in the last statement, anyone with any other agenda they wish to voice, do so under the umbrella of an organisation that suits your agenda, as Racism will NOT be tolerated in the EDL. We are a Multi ethnic, multi faith organisation.

Meeting Point.

We will be meeting at the Piccadilli Wetherspoons pub next to Piccadilly Gardens, and need to be there as early as possible to aid the Police in facilitating our protest after the "Unite against Freedom", and their wonderfully mis-informed friends disperse. The closest train station is Manchester Piccadilly Station, and is only a short walk from Piccadilly Gardens. There are also many other forms of public transport available in the City.

As in Birmingham, the whole area will be heavily Policed. We need to be at the pub at around 12:00. **I have since been informed that you can turn up later than this, and will not be turned away by the Police** Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, as anyone who appears to be intoxicated will NOT be permitted to take part in the protest.

The Police have asked that all EDL members avoid grouping in the shopping areas around the city, and we ask that you please respect these orders.

The Protest.

Our Protest will be held in Piccadilly Gardens at 17:00, during which we will have an expert speaker present to address everybody, and also a 2 minute silence for all of our Heroic Soldiers lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and indeed every war in history, as without their heroism, our freedom of speech would be non existent. After this, we will all sing our National Anthem. Anyone taking part in any racial, anti-religious or violent behaviour (unless in self defence) will be suspected to have links to either far right, or far left groups, looking to darken the name of the EDL, and will be asked to leave.

We need to prove, once again, that we are a peaceful protest organisation, and violence would never have become a factor at our protests if it was not for the UAF tactics of winding up crowds into thinking we are a "far right racist" Organisation, with links to the BNP.

After the protest, everybody is advised to make their way home.

Anybody who has not yet donated to the EDL, please do so, as the setting up of the organisation has been very costly, and we have so far, apart from a few generous donations, footed the entire costs involved in setting up the EDL, to a point that i for one am pledging all of my time to focus on the EDL, and have recently given up my full time job to do this. Call me nuts, but this is something i feel very strongly about! So please, either donate to the cause by clicking HERE and using the donate button, or support us by purchasing EDL Merchandise

Thank you for all of your support so far, and let's hope that we get a chance to voice our concerns this time.

Yours in hope of a peaceful day,

Trevor Kelway.

Copyright EDL

Footnote: Good luck boys. I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable day.

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