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Correspondence with a muslim in Britain

I have recently been in correspondence with a muslim that lives in Britain and would like to share his latest letter.

From jatt440

Thanks for your response. Even though I disagree with ur political views, I have
no desire to try and change them. You've made up your mind so that's fine by me. I also want to say that I have respect for ANYONE who is civilised, so I have respect for you for giving a civilised response.

Now regarding the BNP, I've never been a member so for me to say that the BNP and their supporters are nasty people etc. would be unjustified. What I go on is my experiences in the past, being born and raised here is remembering attacks as a child on my family home for the colour of our brown skin. You say that the BNP don't have plan for repatriation, fair enough. But when I read the BNP constitution approx 9 years back, I recall this being a specific target for any BNP government. I'm not saying your not telling me the truth, just my own understanding according to the document I managed to obtain. But I don't want to get hung up on what are or aren't the policies of the BNP.

I am a Muslim too. I wasn't raised as one but personally accepted it in my teens. Yes I am of Pakistani origin and was brought up in a anglicised-pakistani culture household. Whether you believe me or not is upto you, but the fact is I am loyal to Britain more then any other country, and I also class my children as British too. I tell them that they are British, and if it came to it, I would give up my life for Britain. It really scares me when I see some members of the BNP saying that people like me and my family are not and cannot be British and one day we will be forcibly removed. I personally cant spend too much time away from England as I get home sick and feel at peace when I'm here. My deepest fears are visions of my children in a scene from a Nazi war film in a concentration camp. A BNP member once said to me that a dog born in a stable is still a dog and a paki born in England is still a paki.

I do agree with you that anyone who isn't pro-British should be asked to leave the UK, as well as bogus asylum seekers and economic migrants. I dont want to see people taking out of the system when they've never paid in. But isnt that the fault of the government? Not the ethnic minorities. Of course anyone who isn't eligible shouldn't be allowed to make claims to something which isn't theirs.

U seem like a decent person so I dont want to get embroiled into an argument. The point I'm trying to make is why not target those bad people, the radicals or whoever else dislikes Britain, rather then targetting a whole religious group? We didn't target all the Irish people because of the IRA so why take such a generalised approach now? I think more then anything I worry so for my children. If I was to leave Britain where would I go? I'm not being funny but this has run through my head so many times.

Have a nice weekend !

And my response

Thank you for your lovely letter.

Although I would like to say I fully understand, I can't because I am not in your situation, but I do sympathise with you. Please don't think I am being patronising, I really do mean it.

As far as I am concerned you ARE British. Even though you have your own faith you have embraced Britain. That is good enough for me and I can speak for everyone I know.

I understand your concerns for your children but I too have concerns for mine. I have visions of them being slaughtered for non-conformation, of my daughter being stoned to death for being raped. I don't want my world changed by radical muslims or anyone else.

There are already places in Britain that British people cannot enter because they are now non-white areas, so you can see why people are turning against them. It doesn't need the BNP to make people turn against them, they have done ti themselves.

I totally agree with you that the government is to blame but to the people on the streets the government is an untouchable force. The anti-British are the ones they come into contact on a daily basis. The British people are the ones that suffer due to mass immigration, loss of jobs and houses and of course the ever rising crime statistics.

The BNP have come a long way since the times of the National Front. Nick Griffin and his entourage have changed. They have grown up and seen what really needs tackling instead of just seeing someones colour, but at the same time feel a need to preserve our race and culture.

It makes me angry that a convicted terrorist and murderer, like Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years in jail, is accepted into our country and hailed a hero, even throwing a birthday party for him at the tax payers (my) expense and yet Nick Griffin is ostracised and hated for daring to speak out about what is happening in our once great country.

The British people feel let down, the government go against everything we have stood for for centuries and the British people are getting restless.

Finally, I have to ask you one question... why, when an atrocity occurs, don't muslims stand up and speak out against the radicals? Why?

And that is your answer as to WHY British people blame all muslims.

I am putting you letter on my blog as I believe people should see exactly how you feel. Not just you but many others like you that love our country and have fears for the future, just as we do. I hope you don't mind.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend, what is left of it. I have a 13 hour shift ahead of me (hence the hurried reply) lol

Best regards

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