Wednesday, 21 October 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Senior Officer Reveals Truth behind Generals’ Tory-Stooge Campaign

“I was outraged! Spin and deceit are things we expect from Labour politicians and not the Defence Ministry and this is most unprofessional.” This was the reaction of a high-ranking officer in the British army who today contacted a leading figure in the British National Party after hearing the interview between Nick Griffin and Martha Kearney on Radio 4´s World at One today.

According to Martha Kearney, Radio 4 contacted the MOD to ask about Mr Griffin´s claim on TV news earlier in the morning that the army chiefs themselves had called for a limit on the percentage of foreign soldiers, who are not British citizens, serving in military units. She said that the MOD had stated that this was the case only in three specialised units for technical reasons and that they had no concern over potentially high proportions of foreign soldiers in the army in general.

Quote: “This is a downright lie,” our source informed us. “Last year the MOD published a memorandum discussing the issue. In addition to the question of specialised units, I clearly recall my delight when I saw that the paper spoke of maintaining armed forces which are ´predominantly British´ and which reflect the ´cultures and values´ of our nation.”

In other words, like so many people in Britain today, the military top brass say in private what the British National Party says in public: “out of control, mass immigration is a threat to British culture, identity and the cohesion of key institutions including the British army.”

Tory Front Group

As well as deceit by the MOD, the story of the supposedly ´independent´ generals attacking the BNP has also exposed the cynically deceitful face of Tory spin doctors.

Despite claims that the ´Stolen Valour´ campaign is non political, the reality is that it is an integral part of the ´Nothing British´ internet operation which is run by a clique of ´Notting Hill/Bullingdon Club Tory toffs´. Clearly their motivation is the fact that the armed forces vote, which the Tory Party used to dominate, is increasingly switching to the BNP.

The campaign is headed by:

*The 5th Lord Bethel

*Tim Montgomerie, editor of ConservativeHome, ex chief of staff for Ian Duncan Smith.

* James Howarth, founding editor of PoliticsHome.

* Maurice Cousins — Tory researcher and blogger.

Several members of the military who have lent their weight to this campaign are close associates of the Conservative Party. In particular, General Sir Richard Dannatt works as a Tory Defence advisor and Simon Weston sits on a Conservative military policy forum.

These men are, of course, entitled to be active in any political party they wish but with such close affiliations to the Conservative Party, they are not entitled to portray themselves as politically neutral and disinterested.

So close are the links between the Nothing British operation and the Conservative Party that the BNP will tomorrow morning be submitting a formal request to the Electoral Commission to investigate the group over the possibility that its requests for donations involve a breach of party political funding law.

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