Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Highway Robbery: Tories Steal BNP Welfare Policy

The ideologically bankrupt Conservative Party has announced the first of its new initiatives aimed at welfare reform — stolen almost word for word from the British National Partys manifesto.

The workfare not welfare policy outlined by the BNP before the June European election and published on this website at the time, has been copied and pasted by the Tories and will now be presented at their upcoming conference.

Disguised as the Conservative Work Programme, the policy mirrors the major demand for welfare reform contained in the BNPs manifesto, focussing on the demand to halt the endless payouts to people who should be working.

The BNP policy, unveiled prior to June this year, says that decades of Labour and Tory socialist state-induced welfare dependency have been exploited, distorted and twisted to become nothing more than a free handout to scroungers, foreign and local.

This has in turn created a welfare dependency culture which has led to in excess of six million people living in homes where no one has a job and where benefits are a way of life, the BNP policy reads.

Not only does this cost the taxpayer in excess of thirteen billion pounds per year, but it also has a hugely damaging effect upon the psychology of a nation which once led the world in productivity, technological innovation and which gave birth to the Industrial Revolution. This dire situation must be reversed — urgently.

Only the British National Party has the plan to reverse these decades of disastrous Labour and Tory social engineering programmes — through a sensible policy of workfare, not welfare.

The principle is simple: those who receive community support incur obligations as well. People who genuinely want to work must be provided with the opportunity to do so in return for training which will put them back into proper full-time employment.

In return for financial support and training for a new career, the benefit recipient must complete a certain number of hours of work per week. Properly implemented, this policy will undermine the benefit dependency culture and bring masses of unemployed back into the formal employment sector.
Ultimately there must be only one category of welfare recipient: those who genuinely deserve or have earned it. The scrounger entitlement mentality must be discarded. Those who can work but refuse to do so, must face the consequences of their actions on their own.

The success of the workfare not welfare policy has been proven: these programmes already exist in Australia, America and even in India. Britain has to get back to work: and workfare provides the only path through which this aim will be achieved.

Compare that to the programme to be submitted to the Tory party conference, which says that Mr Cameron wants to force millions of welfare claimants into training.

In a shocking display of plagiarism, the Tory policy says that the assault on the dependency culture is similar to programmes in America. Private firms that prepare people for employment and place them in jobs would be paid by results and goes on to say that those who refuse to join the search for work will have their benefits cut.

This of course echoes almost word for word the BNPs earlier announced policy that (T)hose who can work but refuse to do so, must face the consequences of their actions on their own.

The Tories, having no real policies of their own, will increasingly look to steal BNP policies simply because our party is the only organisation with logical, consistent and well thought out positions on all the major issues affecting Britain today.

Let the public be warned: highway thieves are at work, and they are coloured blue.

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