Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Homeland security investigates Pastor Manning

Pastor James David Manning, one of President Barack (the long-legged Mack Daddy) Obama's most vocal and outspoken critics, has just released a video in which he claims that on the afternoon of November 16th, 2009, while at his ATLAH World Missionary Church, he was visited by two CIA agents. Manning says the agents claimed that they were from Homeland Security and were accompanied by two NYPD Detectives.

Pastor Manning also said he expects to be arrested within the next few days and charged with "the threat against the life of a U.S. President". He believes that this arrest is imminent.

I have seen many of Pastor Manning's videos and he just creases me up. He doesn't hold back and ruffles a lot of collars, so it's no surprise he is being investigated.

By the way, here is the definition of 'mack daddy' according to the urban dictionary:

An ultra pimp
5 girls in one night?! You're the mack daddy!

You can see more of Pastor Manning's videos here or just enter his name into the YouTube search engine.

Go take a look, they are hilarious.

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