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Asylum seekers live in £1.8m five story house

A SOMALI family are living in a luxury £1.8m five-storey house in central London funded by the taxpayer.

Nasra Warsame, 40, has lived with seven of her children and her elderly mother in the six-bedroom house since October. Westminster City Council picks up the £1,600-a-week bill.

The fully-furnished house in walking distance of the West End has three sitting rooms, four bathrooms, with some bedrooms boasting balconies overlooking a courtyard.

The main lounge has two leather sofas, a flat-screen television and a glass coffee table. Annual rent for the new house would cost a staggering £83,200.

Meanwhile Mrs Warsame's husband Bashir Aden, 50, and another of their children are living in a separate property in adjoining Camden. He said they live separately because the family is too big to fit under one roof. His two-bedroom flat is also paid for by housing benefit.

Outside the family's main house Mr Aden, a butcher, said: 'I've already had too much trouble with this house.

'Yes, it is true I live in Camden, and yes, my wife lives here, but she has a lot of problems with this at the moment.'

Mrs Warsame and her seven children, aged between two and 16 years old, first lived in a council house in Maida Vale but it was thought too small by council officials.

Mr Aden said his family were forced to move in September because the five-bedroom home was not spacious enough.

He said: 'That place was overcrowded. They moved her here for the children.'

An estate agent showed the family the spacious five-floor property near Edgware Road Underground station because the previous five-bedroom home in northwest London, was considered too small. The weekly rent, which was also covered by housing benefit, is understood to have been £800.

Mrs Warsame's new home is part of an impressive 1960s development of modern apartments and houses. There is a large glass sculpture situated in the middle of a courtyard outside the family's front door. Each room is painted white, with high ceilings.

It is understood the £1,600 rent being paid for by the council is twice the going rate for a property in the area.

'The new house we moved into in October is a nice house and it is in a nice area,' Mrs Warsame told the Sunday Times. 'It is quiet and it is convenient and we do not want to leave.

'It is better than the house we were living in in Maida Vale which was quite small. We were getting complaints from neighbours that the children were being too noisy.'

Mrs Warsame and her husband fled unrest in Somalia in 1991 and claimed asylum on their arrival in Britain. They have since been granted citizenship and all of their children were born here.

Daily Mail

Why the hell are these people allowed to claim this amount of money?

Why the hell are they allowed to have 8 children since they came here?

Make sure you vote for the BNP because that is the only way to stop this madness!

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