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Trinity 3 Year Share Price - Even a dead cat bounces

Recommendation - SELL

One of the most disgusting and shameful newspapers to constantly attack the British National Party and that seeks constantly to keep the truth from the True British People is the Daily Mirror.

The Mirror is owned by Trinity Mirror PLC which owns five national papers and 120 regional papers, although with the collapse of their share price it seems that many more will be lost by the end of next year and there is a very good chance that Trinity Mirror may actually cease to exist. Certainly it looks as if the Trinity Mirror owned Merseyside post will not be around much longer.

The national papers they own are the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror, The People and in Scotland, the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail.

In Wales, they produce the Western Mail and Wales on Sunday. Both red infiltrated rags that have strong links to the communist run Searchlight organisation and regularly run anti British National Party stories that they fabricate on a regular basis.

Their online shite site, Wales Online has in fact banned me twice on their forum in response to my posting of links to the Liars, Bugger and Thieves site revealing details of corrupt establishment councillors, implying that I had "fabricated" the information posted. Visit and check the sources.

As well as incitement to violence in the Western Mail, the other Trinity Rag, Wales on Sunday suggests that their dwindling band of readers flood the British National Party with spam mail in attempt to stop it functioning. So again we see Trinity Mirror advocating criminal acts against a legal political party.

So is it any wonder that the readers of Trinity House papers are leaving in shoals and following them like dolphins following sardines go the advertisers.

So bad are things for Trinity Mirror, that in order to prop up their collapsing share price earlier this year, Trinity Mirror sacked 1200 of their workers and closed down 27 of their regional newspapers.

Hard to think that a company worth over a £1.5 billion a few years ago is now valued at around £250 million with a pension deficit that increased by 68.6 million pounds in the first half of the year to 275 million pounds as at June 30. Of course screwing up pensions is not new to the Daily Mirror.

And if you remember, it was the Daily Mirror that insulted our wounded servicemen in this article here. I warn you that if you have not read it then you are going to get very angry with the Daily Mirror and their owners Trinity Mirror.

Well, welcome to the real world, corporal. That's what the rest of us have to put up with all the time.

Why should an injury suffered in Basra count for more than one suffered in Birmingham?

We have a volunteer army. There are no conscripts. These men and women choose to place themselves in the line of conflict.

It was also Trinity Press that insulted an entire army regiment and was then forced to aplogise after they published Fake Photographs that even a blind, dead bat could see were false, that endangered British Troops at home and abroad by publishing them.

Of course, as well as insulting our servicemen and publishing fake photos to try and boost sales, Trinity Mirror is quite capable of coming up with some real rubbish attacking the BNP that they could have only thought of after taking drugs.

Remember this load of cobblers when they said that under a BNP government women wearing a skirt above the knee would be an imprisonable crime.

Seriously, with the Trinity Mirror rags writing endless lies and rubbish like the above, is it any wonder that Sly Bailey, the Trinity Mirror chief executive had to take a 50% pay cut as advertisers concerned with the falling circulation of the Trinity Rags took their money elsewhere.

With falling circulation and and shrinking advertising revenue, if I held shares in Trinity Mirror Plc then I would be biting the bullet and sell them now before they become really worthless and if I knew anyone holding them it would only be decent to warn them.

For those wishing to help Trinity Mirror slide into oblivion then you can sign the pledge to Boycott the National and Regional Press by going here where already 2000 people have signed up and are depriving organisations like Trinity Mirror of over a quarter of a million pounds per year already.

Trinity Mirror - Advertising Revenue Falls

Trinity Mirror - Suffers digital crash - online revnue down

In an interim management statement (pdf) covering the year to October 25, the company reveals there's no end to its digital revenue slide and online ads were down 19 percent year on year. And things are getting worse: in the 17 weeks to October 25, digital sales are down 22 percent on the year-ago figure.

Trinity Mirror also said that another four titles had been axed since the end of June, on top of 22 in the first half of the year and nearly 30 in 2008. Job losses so far this year were more than 1,000.

Trading Recommendation is - if you are long go short. If you have no positon then sell them short and make some money from the enemies of the people - Trinity Mirror PLC

Please link and cascade this article and help make Trinity Mirror pay for for every lie they print about the British National Party and their brave activists.

Check here to see if your regional paper is owned by Trinity Mirror

Article by the Green Arrow

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