Monday, 16 November 2009

Welcome home daddy

I have always been a dog lover. I was brought up dogs and when I left home I carried on the tradition.

Dogs, you see, love you no matter what. If you are angry, they know; if you are scared, they know; if you are sad or ill, believe me, they know.

I have only been without a dog for 5 months of my life. That was when Jess died at the age of 13. I was heartbroken, locked myself away and cried all the time; I thought I could never have another. I'll more than likely write about it at some point but for now I want to talk about the video above.

The little lady in the video is six-year-old Gracie. Her master, captain Schmidt, serves in the West Virginia National Air Guard and had just returned from Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Captain Schmidt said:

'When I got off the plane, I was home a little bit, and then when I drove down the street and looked out of the window I was home a little bit more, but when the door opened and she came running out, I felt like I was finally at home.'

Now some of you may think it's soppy, but the sight of seeing a soldier returning home from Afghanistan to such a show of unconditional love brought tears to my eyes.

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