Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Gardiner spits out his dummy over Wales BNP video

Another fine video from our friend Bertie

Gardiner knows full well that Brent is now so colonised that the only True Brits left who might vote BNP have long since gone.

Gardiner lives in the exclusive village of Chorleywood in Hertfordshire that is 92.3% white, 72.1% of which are Christian and 88.3% own their own homes; a far cry from the diversity he promotes.

By the way 6% of the vote for Richard Barnbrook in London came from coloured voters, so maybe, just maybe Barry, the boys from the BNP might just pick up your Gauntlet - then you would shit yourself.

Gardiner's voting record in Parliament:

Voted against a transparent Parliament
Voted for introducing ID Cards
Voted for the Iraq War
Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war
Voted for a hunting ban
Voted for the promotion of homosexuality in our schools.

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