Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lest we forget...



Fallen Soldier All Alone
Fallen Soldier Far From Home
Trickling Down His Face A Tear,
Forgetting How It Feels To Fear
Death And All Its Fate And Glory.
Now It's Here, No Need To Worry.
He's One Of Those They'll All Forget;
The Life He Lived, The Goals He Set,
The Ones He Loved, The Ones Who Wait
To See His Nearly Forgotten Face.
Now Breathing's Just A Waste Of Breath
And Living's Just A Waste Of Death
As He Searches For A New Address;
A Brand New Home Free Of Loneliness.
Lying Motionless On The Ground,
The Battle Raging All Around.
For Now He Is Not All Alone.
This Fallen Soldier Is Welcomed Home

Poem by Branden Hidalgo

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