Saturday, 7 November 2009

Vile comments from vile 'people'

Oh dear. The truth really hurts some people.

Newspapers are finally starting to filter through stories about how multiculturalism is really affecting the British people and some of you out there don't like it.

Resorting to vile comments is not the correct way to handle any situation, but if that is the way you choose to go then please remember to withhold your email address.

This morning I received a lovely message from someone called zed on the 'Asian clerks snubs British mum' story, on which he said "fuk u lyin hoe". It's quite mild actually, considering some I receive.

I hate to be the one to tell him this but the story was taken from a newspaper, as are nearly all my articles.

So, I thought some of you out there may like to tell zed what a silly, nasty little boy he is. Here is his email address...

Note to zed... Learn English. Classes are free.

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