Thursday, 5 November 2009

Asylum seekers playing our system

An Iraqi asylum seeker entered the country 3 years ago. He ‘toured’ Britain and decided to stay in Derbyshire. He signed up with an agency who found him a job paying £8.50 an hour. A good wage for this area.

During this time he gained a British passport, entered into an arranged marriage and his wife came over to join him. They immediately had a child.

After a while the company set him on full time. 3 months into the job he declared he was to become a full time carer for his wife who has a bad back. The company agreed to keep him on for 8 hours per week.

At work, this man has been laughing about how easy it is to come into our country and play the system. The benefits his family claim, plus his wages, are worth around £34,000 a year.

When are the British people going to wake up and vote for a party that will put an end to the deliberate ruination of our country?

This is a true story. It comes from a very close friend who works with the Iraqi. Yes, Iraqi.

He may have a British passport but he will NEVER be British.

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