Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Barry Gardiner MP throws down the gauntlet to Wales BNP

It appears that the snivelling MP for Brent, Barry Gardiner, is very upset at the video of Wimbledon made by our boys in Wales. Is it surprising? Of course not, and that's why he's made the video above.

He claims the BNP won't get a response. Really, Barry? Your video looks like a response to me.

Here's what The Green Arrow has to say on the matter...

So Barry Gardiner the MP for Brent has spat his dummy out over South Wales BNP activists showing the people of Britain just who his pay masters are and the above video made by Gardiner himself reveals just how much imported arse he will lick to keep the colonisers vote and keep his snout in the trough of public money.

Now a response to Gardiner's attack on the activists of South Wales BNP will follow but for now we are here to talk about the video which I really would appreciate if you watched. When you have watched it, go to Gardiner's account on Youtube, rate and leave a suitable comment but before you do read this article here about just how deep Gardiner has his snout in the trough of public money. One assumes that he is breathing through his arse otherwise he would suffocate.

Barry Gardiner, a former environment minister, made £198,500 profit from a flat funded and refurbished at taxpayers' expense

Remember that Barry? We do. The BNP never forgets and never forgives and never will, so long as I have a breath in my body.

Now Barry, if you remember threw down a Gauntlet to the BNP in the Parliament of Pigs and challenged the BNP to stand in Brent. A gauntlet that only a suicidal maniac or gambler prepared to go up against odds of a million to one against would pick up.

Gardiner knows full well that so colonised now is Brent that the only True Brits left who might vote BNP have long since gone - Barry and the three elderly people shown in the video are probably the only white British people left there and I very much doubt that Barry even lives in the area - but we will check on that and let you know. By the way 6% of the vote for Richard Barnbrook in London came from coloured voters, so maybe just maybe Barry, the boys from the BNP might just pick up your Gauntlet - then you would shit yourself.

Gardiner starts off the video by saying at the start of it, that Wembley is the BNP's "biggest mistake" when they "dared" to go into Brent to "badmouth" the people of Brent. You are a bloody LIAR Gardiner. The BNP, as you well know you furry faced freak, that the BNP "badmouthed" no one in their video. They do not blame people coming to this country for a better life in a country build by the True British. They do however "badmouth" pigs in the trough politicians like you. If i lie, then sue me you smug prick.

Gardiner, your "Hail fellow, well met" smile and estate agent spiel fools no one, not even the colonisers who allow you to keep your seat in Parliament. The BNP dare go "anywhere" in their country - even if it is currently occupied - and although I have not yet spoken to BNP South Wales I imagine that they will "Dare" go to Wembley again and if you doubt what I say, ask the orange rat Peter Hain, who also shot his big mouth off and "dared" the BNP to pay him a visit in Neath. These boys are Welsh BNP - they go where they please in the UK and this site will fund them.

Now as for Terry Pain?, where did you drag him from? Is he a labour party worker? Is he on your payroll? Does he owe you any favours Barry? Either way he is clearly deranged because when he said that the Wembely of today "as changed for the better" I almost threw up.

Then Gardiner waffles on about the 2nd World War as says that the BNP are NAZI's. Your dad was a footballer Gardiner, did he fight in the war? My father did. Nick Griffins father did. Have you ever worn a uniform and wondered if a sniper has you in his sights. I doubt it.

And who was the senile old woman you cruelly dragged out of her complex to speak out in support. Where are the young whites - you could not find any could you.

But the next bit of the video is really good. Because Gardiner speaks in front of the Mosque that Wales BNP filmed and says the BNP did not have the guts to go inside. How long would they have lasted Gardiner? One minute? Two minutes? Is that how long it takes to die in an Asian Pack attack?

But that mosque is coming back to bite you big time Gardiner as you will find out in the next article.

As for the silly, red dressed cow talking about her father coming to "this" country to help us. Sod off with your crap. He came here for selfish reasons, for a better life than that, that was available to him in India 30 years ago and is still better than what is in India now. If he cared so much about helping people he would have stayed in India - and if the red tart cared about people she would bugger of to India and help the sick and deprived there. We would manage just fine without her.

But how stupid is Gardiner. He says that the visit to Wembley was to get a reaction and that Brent would not provide one. Well what the bloody hell is your video, the tv reports, newspaper reports and your public wetting of yourself if not reactions Gardiner? John Crudarse has more brains than you and that is saying something.

I am a busy guy Gardiner, not for me the high salary, the free trips and meals paid for by Asians so I will sign off for now but rest assured. It is not the BNP who have made a serious mistake by going to Wembley, it is your video above that is your biggest mistake ever. Because even now a small army of Green Arrow Friends are digging into the affairs of Brent and your past in particular.

But you are a LIAR in your video Gardiner, you claim that the Football Association had forced the video to be removed from Youtube and your claim that it can longer be viewd. The truth for the readers and what happened you can read here.

The video is still available (and we know about your little peccadilloes). You are revealed on Youtube as a LIAR. By the way Barry, if Wembley is so perfect why would you want the video taken down? It was just a drive through an occupied part of London that is wonderful according to you. What did you not want the rest of the country to see.

I repeat Barry, you say the BNP made a mistake in going to Wembley. I say now that YOU have made the biggest mistake of your life in lying to the British People because this site will expose you for just another public school boy socialist with his snout in the trough.

Check in regular Barry because soon I will be revealing to the readers of this site and the world just what goes on in Brent and just what sort of person you really are. "Hail fellow. Well met".

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