Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Stopping smoking and the NHS

I am thinking of stopping smoking and thought I'd take a look online to see what help was available. I've tried quite a few times and always started again.

During my search I came across NHS Choices Smoke Free which had different sections such as the addiction test.

I chose to look at the timeline section which explains the benefits of stopping smoking and how quickly your body adjusts once you stop. In this section you can download videos and guides.

It was while I was checking out the downloads that I came across a section called 'South Asian tobacco use information'. I wondered what the hell South Asia had to do with the NHS so I opened the file.

And there it was, in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali. Not just a leaflet available in various languages (24 to be precise), but a whole section for Asians in our country.

Now then, if they have to have their own section doesn't that tell you something?

And considering London is now so diverse, is it a surprise that the ultra diverse Queen Mary University of London - incidently spread around the lovely Tower Hamlets - is one of the organisations involved in the campaign?

It looks like the big takeover is well under way.

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