Sunday, 1 November 2009

Pathetic excuses from the BBC

I thought you may be interested in seeing the response I received from the BBC when I made a complaint about Nick Griffins (BNP) appearance on Question Time...

Thanks for your e-mail regarding 'Question Time' broadcast on

22 October.
As ever, this edition of 'Question Time' saw tough questioning
from the studio audience and chairman David Dimbleby, putting
all the panellists on the spot on a range of subjects.
As with every edition of 'Question Time', the audience
themselves wrote the questions and therefore guided the topics
The audience was, as always, selected to reflect a variety of
backgrounds and a broad range of views right across the
political spectrum and included supporters of the BNP.
Clearly Mr Griffin himself and the British National Party
were the subject of intense questioning, but all the
panellists were given the opportunity to respond to the points
raised and to have their voices heard thus allowing audiences
to come to form their own views.
'Question Time''s Executive Editor Gavin Allen discusses the
issues raised in his Blog which can be found at:
Thanks again for taking the time to contact us with your
BBC Complaints

According to their own guidance notes the audience should have ensured their question referred to a single issue that was currently in the news.

Those of us that watched the show know this didn't happen. The whole show was centered on Mr Griffin and the British national Party.

Please follow the link to the editors thread to see his pathetic explanation of the show that went out that night.


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