Sunday, 15 November 2009

BNP Membership change agreed

The BNP voting members have agreed the constitutional change.

Therefore it is now for the members to agree the changes and the constitutional changes to keep the BNP legal.

The issue is therefore - where now for the 'anti-fascists' ?

Anyone who isnt stupid enough to think the UAF, Searchlight and the Media are impartial and tell the truth about the BNP knows full well that the UAF is a front group for the Socialist Workers Party with a racist and illegal 'blacks only leadership policy' , that Searchlight is a Zionist and New Labour funded front group and the media merely serve the interests of their corporate masters and the political parties they pimp out to the masses.

For the general public, who believe their lies, the constant scream of 'racists' and 'nazis' is the primary weapon in the arsenal of the anti-BNP coalition.

But that weapon is now rendered defunct.

They cannot call the BNP 'racist' anymore as we will have many non-white members joining.

They cant call the BNP 'nazi' anymore as our new non-white members are obviously not nazis.

They cant call the BNP 'racist' anymore either as non-whites will be joining.

Therefore the whole tactics and strategy of the Far Left and the media has to change - but how ?

They havent got a clue.

And the fact is that the changes the BNP have agreed to render every attack they have used against us as useless.

Of course they can carry on lying about the BNP to the public - but seeing as No Platform has come down this lie will be easily exposed.

Not only that once the changes are in place we will be challenging the illegal bans on the BNP in the police service, prison service and the Christian Churches.

The fact that the BNP does not have any racist, illegal or discriminatory membership policies means those bans are now illegal.

They will either dump them or we will take them to court, with EU assistance, to ensure they remove those bans.

No Platform in the universities has now also been rendered illegal - and we will be getting our BNP youth sections to take on the NUS and get the universities and colleges to remove the No Platform ban - or else we will take the NUS and the colleges to court under anti-discrimination laws and the education acts that prevent political discrimination in universities and colleges.

This membership change is the equivalent of a political revolution.

The media will have to change how it reports the BNP, how it deals with the BNP and what lies it peddles about the BNP.

Though of course this will take many of the media retards time to understand this, but once we have torn them a new asshole a few times in interviews they will get the point.

The BNP have in effect just become 'mainstream'.

The entire anti-BNP coalition is right now cursing the EHRC for the case it took on against the BNP.

This is a classic case of a Phyrric Victory, a self inflicted wound.

Lancaster Unity, UAF, Hope Not Hate have in effect been shot down by the ECHR.

The far left killed its own coalition.

How beautifully ironic is that, for without the pressure from the EHRC to force the BNP to change its membership, we would never have done so.

The constitutional changes are also watertight, and the pipe dream of delusional leftists of 'entryism' are merely pathetic posturing.

Sure they can join the BNP and fund our rise to power, but the moment they cause us any internal problems we will kick them out regardless of their race, religion or nationality.

Do they honestly think we would be stupid enough to kick people out on the grounds of their race or religion - we will kick out anyone who causes us problems on the grounds of them causing us problems regardless of their race or religion.

Every new member who becomes active will be scrutinised and google searched and if we discover they are members of groups hostile to the BNP we will take their membership money and then kick them out.

As for those who are trying to cause problems for us attending BNP meetings - we have plans for that as well.

Only members will be able to attend BNP meetings - and any member who causes us any problems at meetings we will kick them out of the party for that reason.

If they want to pay their membership fee and then make some idiotic challenge to the party thats fine.

We will already have their money.

They really do underestimate us.

The fact is that the BNP has survived and prospered in spite of the entire media, political class and organised enemies of Britain attacking us for decades.

We have merely grown stronger.

Unlike other parties we are used to being attacked - and the moment the EHRC forced us to become 'mainstream' then at the same time they 'legitimised' us as a political party.

Now we have the means to go on the offensive against them - for by adhering to THEIR rules we now have the power, and the money, to force THEM to adhere to their own rules.

The rules of the game require not just us to play by the rules - but those in power as well.

Today marks a historic moment in the evolution of British Nationalism.

The ECHR cannot police peoples, souls, minds or their private opinions.

They cannot force people to abandon their principles and values - all they can do is force us to abide by their anti-discrimination laws in relation to our membership policy which is what we will do.

All they have done is to force us to play by the same political rules as the rest of the mainstream politicians.

The fact is though, that those same rules also bind them.

The impartial, bigoted and unlawfully discriminatory rules, laws and regulations that have targeted the BNP in the past are now illegal.


They have prepared the arsenal of laws and regulations for us to use against them for every discriminatory and unlawful act they commit against us.

By forcing us to join them, they have given us the weapons we can use against them.

The laws will now have to be applied fairly to the BNP or else we will sue them every time they apply an unlawful rule, procedure or discriminatory practice against us.

We are ready and we are waiting.

Now we are going to turn their own guns back upon them.

We have captured the high ground - morally, legally and politically and the irony is that they unlocked the door to power for us and forced us to enter.

Now they will reap what they have sown.

21st Century British Nationlist

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