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They are messing about with the core of our culture


Since the 8th century, and Charlemagne, Europe has attempted to create one empire under Roman Catholic domination. Anglo-Saxons we're scourged from the lands of Europe in the late 8th century and they made this place their home.

Charlemagne's idea was to unite Europe as a federation of states with the ability to make their own laws but to succumb to one government and one religion.

He cleared Europe of Saxons who fled to England away from his persecution but all Europe fell under his "union".

England didn't.

For years after the 9th century, consecutive leaders have attempted to unite Europe and England ( UK now ) and compel this union without consent.

Nothing has changed in 1,200 years.

Still they do not seek consent but domination of all Europe.

Charlemagne's ONE stipulation was that each leader of the union MUST be Christian and swear oath to the Papacy and the Roman Catholic faith.

The Charlemagne Prize has been awarded to Merkel, and to Blair and to Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton and Blair became Roman Catholics within a day of each other and Cheri Blair was always a Catholic.

A lot of front bench Labour Ministers are Roman Catholic, so too most in Ireland and a lot in Scotland.

England is of course protestant and so is our Queen.

There isn't just "coincidence" happening here, it is a sworn oath to unite Europe by all means.

The Labour government has released news that it intends to make a law which permits a Roman catholic monarch in Britain.

The following is an extract from the Guardian's leading article, published on December 6 2000 in The Guardian.

Article history

It is a shared view on both left and right that the constitution needs rebalancing. Parliament must be given more powers. Prime ministers and their coteries must be more accountable to parliament. The House of Lords needs more legitimacy. There needs to be profound and far-reaching rebalancing of local power against central power, of national powers against supranational powers. Is it really imaginable that this debate can take place without a word of argument about the crown prerogative, as well as the historical loose ends, legal flummery and the malign constitutional impact (as well as the merits) of monarchy? Nor is it imaginable that the constitutional monarchy could be retained while dismantling crown prerogative.

Those closest to the Queen are adamant that the vast edifice of power that is the crown must remain. They say the same about the residual royal prerogatives exercised by the monarch herself: the power to appoint a prime minister and refuse a dissolution of parliament. Both underpin her ability to serve as head of state and cannot be taken away.

But the influence of the crown is also cultural, and here, too, there is a need for change. Though we speak of "an accident of birth", in fact, little is left to accident with our royal family. The Act of Settlement says that in order to qualify as our head of state you must be an heir of the body of Princess Sophia, electress of Hanover, a Protestant in communion with the Church of England not marry a Roman Catholic, not be adopted and have parents who were married at the time they conceived you. More silly ritual, of course. But do not shine a torch on it too brightly in case the whole foundations crumble. One hundred and thirty-five years after Bagehot, we are still told that daylight and magic do not mix.


The fact we have a Church of England is not by mistake but by design.
We've engaged in centuries of bloody battles between England, and Europe and also within the borders of our own country ( s ), to prevent a more stricter doctrine from organising our political ideals and culture.
The very foundation of our monarchy was built on protestant faith.
The law states our religious culture, along with our sovereignty, is protected by the crowned head of state.

Labour removed the Queens Prerogative over parliament.
This action was in essence the removal of the monarch's ability to use a royal prerogative ( and the sovereign right of the people ) to dismiss government or refuse to sign a government bill into law.
By doing this, the government took away the queen's ability to protect our sovereign right to express dissent in our government through her.

Tony Blair became a Roman Catholic and was awarded The Charlemagne Award for his services to Europe, so was Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel.

Tony Blair is now on a crusade in the middle east to promote his "Faith and Globalisation" plan, which he teaches from Yale University.

Yale University is the centre for Globalisation and Strobe Talbott, ex-deputy of state within Bill Clinton's administration, is it's president.

Strobe Talbott said on "Spotlight" Russia TV recently, that Uni-Polarism is the only way the world can work, and that Multi-Polarism must end.

Strobe Talbott is busom pals with Tony Blair and of course Bill Clinton, and all of them are Catholic.

Barosso is Catholic and so too Angela Merkel.

Our Queen is surrounded by leaders who are changing the nature of our monarchy and our culture and our faith which is protestant.

YOUR sovereignty is going down the pan as a result of Labour, Europe and the U.S. plan through Yale University, to create a Uni-Polar World, et al Globalisation, New World Order.

Russia is not in agreement with this New World Order and it is distinct in its separation of all religion from politics.

Our politicians INTERFERE with religion, but dissallow religion to interfere back, except if it's Catholic or Islamic.

The only people still being "scourged" in our country are Protestants.....( us ).

Architect of the bill to reform the monarchy is Chris Bryant MP for Rhonda Valley.

He was manager for "Common Purpose" in London between 1994 and 1996.

Article by Rugfish & Politics

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