Thursday, 26 November 2009

NHS abused by immigrants

I was outraged to see an article today about the amount of foreign women in our maternity units.

Administrators at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London put up a map of the world and encouraged the women to place a dot on the country they are from, apparently to ‘celebrate ethnic diversity’.

Out of 243 women only 18 were British. The rest are from 72 different nations including Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Asia and Africa. And this is at just one hospital.

Almost every cot and incubator was occupied by a baby with a foreign mother and interpreters were on hand to make sure they understood the doctors.

Some of the women arrive straight from the airport with tags still attached to their luggage; many come as health tourists knowing our NHS will provide excellent care for babies born with profound illnesses needing lifetime treatment and medication.

The cost per day for each child? £1, 400

Many of these children have ailments such as sickle cell anaemia (almost unknown among North European’s, but is common in African and Mediterranean communities), HIV passed from the mother as well as deafness, blindness and devastating neurological problems which are common among ethnic minorities where marriages between cousins are the norm.

In London, 50 percent of babies are born to foreign mothers although in Newham and Brent that raises to 75% and 73%. In Chelsea the figure is 67%.

The next time you read of an expectant mother not able to find a hospital bed, or a child needing to travel miles for treatment, you’ll know why.

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