Thursday, 19 November 2009

Student Union forced to remove BNP link

Assed Baig

NUS Black Students Committee
WMANUS Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer
Staffordshire University
Students’ Union Executive Member

We all know that universities are the perfect recruiting ground for the ‘anti’-facist movement, and now one of Staffordshire University's students is facing legal action after directing students to the leaked BNP list via the student union’s website.

Assed Baig, union president, posted an article containing a link to the names and postcodes of 30 BNP members living within two miles of the university's Stoke campus.

Baig said: "Following concerns raised with the union by some of its members about the ethics of promoting a site that identifies membership of the BNP, the union has removed the direct link from its site. However, the purpose of drawing to students' attention the level of support on the doorstep of their university for the BNP remains. In a university that has built itself an enviable reputation on its diversity and ability to widen participation, having a political party that works against this principle active in the area is an issue for our members."

Full story here.

I thought people went to university to further their education and gain qualifications so they can get a decent job. Not Baig, he’s had his finger in lots of pies.

After doing a bit of research on Baig I can tell you that he has been campaigning and recruiting against the BNP for quite a while.

Baig’s clear hatred for white people caused uproar resulting in facebook groups being created calling for his resignation as student union president. It also got him kicked out of Matthew Boulton College

Not only has he had to remove the link from the student union site but a few more links have disappeared, for example the statement put out by student Respect organiser Rob Owen:- CANNOT BE FOUND, Union campaigns - PAGE NOT FOUND, even though it is provided as a link on the Staffs University website.

Baig also reports on Staffs Live, Solomon's Minefield, The Guerilla Blogspot, Muslim Public Affairs Committee, National Union of Black Students and kittykittykillkill, which incidently can only be viewed if you are invited.

I believe we may be hearing a lot more about Assed Baig in the not too distant future.

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