Saturday, 24 April 2010

Child Protection Services are at it again - another mother flees to Ireland

Our communist Labour government have failed its people in so many ways, but the way they 'deal' with our children is one of the more disturbing.

Yet again their twisted ideology causes a woman to flee to Ireland with her child for fear of the little girl, Amaani, being taken away from her because she hugged her for too long when dropping her off at nusery and for telling her she had been born by caesarian section.

The woman, Shahnaz Malik, is accused of 'emotional abuse' and her daughter placed on a 'child protection plan'.

Mrs malik said: 'Once social services are on to you it's a complete nightmare and no matter what you do you are deemed a bad parent. If your child is full of beans or just sitting there quietly, it is your fault. Amaani was born premature so we've always been protective of her and would do anything to keep her with us. Ideally we'd like to get the matter resolved and return home, but we know that isn't going to happen.'

The only people Amaani should be protected from are the authorities!

The full story can be read by clicking HERE

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